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BRC Fence FA

BRC Fence

BRC Fence

BRC Fence


Gi Wire Mesh


Rebar (short for reinforcing bar), also known as reinforcing steelreinforcement steel, is a steel bar or mesh of steel wires used as a tension device in reinforced concrete and reinforced masonry structures to strengthen and hold the concrete in tension. Rebar's surface is often patterned to form a better bond with the concrete.

Rebar we providing is at the unit of tons per bundle. The sizes are as below.

Surface Ribbed
Quality Low Carbon Steel Wire
Length 12m as standard or customized

Code Tonnage Pcs/bundle @ 12m Length Wire Diameter (mm)
Y10 1.02 138 10
Y12 1.023 96 12
Y16 1.023 54 16
Y20 1.006 34 20
Y25 1.017 22 25
Y32 1.061 14 32
Y40 1.065 9 40

Goods are provided with certificate.

Ribbed Bar

gabion is a cagecylinder, or box filled with rocks, concrete, or sometimes sand and soil for use in civil engineering, road building, military applications and landscaping.

The common size of gabion we provide as below in both PVC Coated and Galvanized 

Common size

Surface Quality Wire Diameter
PVC Coated 2.2mm / 2.7mm
Galvanized 2.4mm / 2.7mm

Gabion Sizes

Length Height  Width
1m 1m 1m / 0.5m / 0.3m
2m  1m  1m / 0.5m / 0.3m
3m  1m  1m / 0.5m / 0.3m

Mattress SIzes

Length Height  Width
3m 2m  0.3m / 0.23m / 0.17m
6m 2m  0.3m / 0.23m / 0.17m





Concertina Razor Barbed Wire is a type of barbed wire or razor wire that is formed in large coils which can be expanded like a concertina. In conjunction with plain barbed wire and steel pickets, it is used to form military wire obstacles.

It can be used in fencing enchancement, wall enchancement, fence upgrade and border security.

We provide three different sizes of Concertina Barbed Tape. It can also can be categorised into stainless steel and non-stainless steel.

  Diameter Length
CBT450 450mm 8-10m
CBT700 700mm 8-10m
CBT980 980mm 12m-14m

Concertina Barbed Wire

Concertina Barbed Wire

Razor Wire Mesh

Razor Wire Mesh

PVC Wire (Green) X 50kg



Annealing Wire 3.0mm

Barbed wire, also known as barb wire is a type of steel fencing wire constructed with sharp edges or points arranged at intervals along the strands. It is used to construct inexpensive fences and is used atop walls surrounding secured property. It is also a major feature of the fortifications in trench warfare as a wire obstacle.

The specification of barbed wire we provide as below

Surface  PVC (Green/Blue) / Galvanized
Weight  5kg - 10kg 

GI Barbed Wire

PVC Barbed Wire 150'

Barbed Wire

Barbed Wire

The geotextile we provide is Mactex Non Woven from Maccaferri as we are first distributor of Maccaferri Malaysia for more than 10 years.

Geotextile is used as seperator to prevent contamination of road base resulting in longer pavement life. Mactex Non Woven range of geotextile improve the subgrade on highways, urban and rural roads. Where road are constructed over insitu soil of low bearing capacity. Mactex provides seperation to prevent the intermixing of natural soil with the aggregates. It also act as a filter, assisting dissipation of pore water pressure  and enhancing drainage beneath the road formation.

Please check the techincal sheet in the document part.

Geotextile Technical Data Sheet



Wall Spike



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